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Welcome to Arun Mehndi Art

Bridal Mehndi

Arun Mehndi Arts and Classes are well known for the Bridal Mehndi Designs / Dulhan Mehndi Designs. Every Occasion and festival is incomplete without a Mehndi.

Wedding day is the most special day of life for a Bride where she wants to look the best; our Professional Mehndi artist makes this dream come true with their latest and unique designs. We make your special day more memorable just for you. 

Our Bridal Mehndi Designs / Dulhan Mehndi Designs is a mixture of traditional Mehndi Design and Trendy Mehndi design that gives a unique style and makes your hands and legs look more pretty – Doli Design, Dulha-Dulhan Design, Kalash Design, Hathi Design, etc.



In India, we have a special function before the wedding day called Mehndi Rasam (Ritual), where the Henna Mehndi is applied on the bride’s hands and legs. Mehndi enriches the hands, and life takes on a new color. If you are looking for the best Traditional Bridal Mehndi Design, we provide the Best Bridal Mehndi Artists who will surprise you with their Latest Traditional Bridal Mehndi Designs.


A wedding day is when a bride takes the first step in her new life. Traditional Floral Bridal Mehndi is a design created with floral and leaf patterns. The light and dark-colored henna Mehndi makes it a more attractive and appealing design. 


In India, Henna Mehndi is used for every occasion and festival – wedding ceremony, Bhai Dooj, Karva Chauth, Eidul Fitr, Navratri, Durga Pooja, or Vat Purnima as it gets positivity and good luck in life. Indian Mehndi design is more detailed and compressed. Every dot and line of the design carries a meaning. There are numerous Indian Mehndi designs that can be sketched on hands and legs to make them look more beautiful.


Mehndi is an art form where the professional Mehndi artist sketches a design on hands and legs with henna. Traditional Mehndi contains different patterns and designs – leaf motifs, architectural design, Indian cultural design, mini designs of man, woman, birds, and animals.


Arun Mehndi Arts and Classes are well known for the Bridal Mehndi Designs / Dulhan Mehndi Designs. Every Occasion and festival is incomplete without a Mehndi. Wedding day is the most special day of life for a Bride where she wants to look the best; our Professional Mehndi artist makes this dream come true with their latest and unique designs. We make your special day more memorable just for you. 

Our Bridal Mehndi Designs / Dulhan Mehndi Designs is a mixture of traditional Mehndi Design and Trendy Mehndi design that gives a unique style and makes your hands and legs look more pretty – Doli Design, Dulha-Dulhan Design, Kalash Design, Hathi Design, etc.


Mehndi can be designed in different patterns and styles. Designer Mehndi is a mixture of traditional and modern design. Our professional Mehndi Artists have a good number of experience in Designer Mehndi and sketch your hands and legs with unique designs.

At Arun Mehndi Art and Classes, we can make a simple design even more beautiful with our expertise.


Floral Cutwork Mehndi can be the best choice for every occasion and festival. It is a design created with beautiful flowers and leaf patterns – Lotus and the leafy vines Design, Peacock Motif Design, Rose Flower Design, and many more. The light and dark-colored Henna Mehndi makes it look more attractive and elegant on your hands and legs. 


Indo-Western Mehndi design is a perfect mixture of Indian and Arabic designs. It gives a western look in Indian style. It is the most beautiful combination of art. This style includes different types of patterns like leaves and flowers, separated by bold lines. It is a very popular Mehndi Design used in Bollywood movies and songs.


Arabic Mehndi designs are renowned worldwide for their smart and modern appearances. It is the best mehndi design for every occasion and festival. It is a mixture of floral artwork in addition to geometric patterns and has a flexible design where you can change the position of the motifs. 

Style and grace adorned on hands – just like you wished for!


Gulf Mehndi Designs are more modern than traditional designs, making them more unique and trendy. It includes bold mehndi flowers and other patterns. The women in the gulf prefer to apply Arabic Mehndi Designs on their hands and legs. 


Baby shower or God Bharai is a ritual celebrated with family and friends for the upcoming birth of a new baby and shower the mother with love and good wishes. Mehndi is a symbol of peace and good luck. On this day, beautiful and cute designs are scripted on the hands related to the newborn – baby clothes, swings, carriage, and toys.


We celebrate our birthday with cakes, decorations, flowers, and gifts. Mehndi is the most important part of every ceremony. Henna Mehndi is used from wedding functions to birthday parties. Every child is special, and we have a wide range of Birthday Party Mehndi designs. Our Top Mehndi artist makes your birthday a more special day for you.

Get Certified with our coaching

Mehndi Course

Do you want to make a career as a Mehndi Artist? Are you looking to start your business in Mehndi Field? Are you tired of your 9-to-6 job? Then you’ve come to the right place, so stop thinking and Join the Professional Mehndi course Today.

Arun Mehndi Arts and Classes offer you a Professional Mehndi Course specially designed for youngsters, college students, homemakers, and the people who want to make their career or start a business in the field of Mehndi art. We have successfully completed 25 years in the Mehndi Field, and more than 3500+ students have completed the Professional Mehndi course from us. 

Professional Mehndi Course includes Basic to Advance levels with unique and customized designs. We have professional faculty who will teach you the Professional Mehndi course in detail. This course has a huge demand in India and Abroad during festivals and home ceremonies. 

Professional Mehndi Course Syllabus:

  • Basic Shapes and Flowers
  • Bridal Mehndi
  • Indian Mehndi
    • Traditional Bridal Mehndi
    • Traditional Floral Bridal Mehndi
    • Indo Western Mehndi
    • Designer Mehndi
  • Arabic Mehndi
  • Gulf Mehndi
  • Floral Cutwork Mehndi
  • Engagement Mehndi
  • Baby Shower Mehndi
  • Birthday Party Mehndi
  • Cone Making
  • Natural Henna and Paste Mixing
  • Colour Solution
  • Tips and Tricks to make Unique Mehndi Design.

Online Mehndi Classes:  

  • All the Online Mehndi Classes will be conducted online through JioMeet.
  • Live Classes
  • Flexible Timing
  • No Duration Limit
  • The faculty will give all the new trend updates from time to time.
  • Mehndi Materials will be provided to the students.

Offline Mehndi Classes: 

  • All the Offline Mehndi Classes will be conducted in the nearest branch in Mumbai.
  • Flexible Timing
  • No Duration Limit
  • The faculty will give all the new trend updates from time to time.
  • Mehndi Materials will be provided to the students.

Mehndi Materials: Students will be provided a professional Mehndi Tool Kit. The Mehndi Tool Kit will be delivered to your registered address, or you can collect it from our nearest branch.

Classes Schedule: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM – Monday To Saturday (1 hour)

Location: We conduct Offline Mehndi Classes in Mumbai and Online Mehndi Classes in Mumbai, India and Abroad.

Certification: All the students will be provided a certificate at the end of the course.

Career Opportunity: Once you have successfully completed the professional Mehndi course, we will help you start your career as a Full time or Freelancer in the Mehndi field.

To know more about the course, contact us on 9930315736 or write us at arun@mehandidesigner.com


Tattoo Services

Discover the world of stunning tattoos at our studio. We offer a wide range of tattoo services to cater to your unique preferences and styles. Our talented artists specialize in various tattoo styles, including Lord Shiva tattoos, religious tattoos, small and cute tattoos, 3D realistic tattoos, geometric tattoos, watercolor tattoos, travel-themed tattoos, beautiful couple tattoos, cover-up tattoos, calligraphy tattoos, full back or sleeve tattoos, animal tattoos, Buddha tattoos, and double exposure tattoos.

With years of experience and a passion for artistic expression, our skilled artists bring your tattoo ideas to life with exceptional attention to detail and precision. Whether you’re seeking a meaningful spiritual tattoo, a bold and vibrant design, or a custom creation that reflects your personality, our artists are dedicated to delivering tattoos of the highest quality.

At our studio, we prioritize hygiene and safety, ensuring a clean and sterile environment for every client. We use top-quality tattoo equipment and adhere to strict sterilization protocols to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the tattooing process.

Visit our studio and let us transform your ideas into breathtaking pieces of body art. Our team is committed to providing you with a memorable tattoo experience that exceeds your expectations.


At our tattoo studio, we prioritize hygiene and cleanliness to ensure a safe tattooing experience. We follow strict sterilization practices, using disposable needles, tubes, and grips for each client. Our studio is regularly cleaned and sanitized, and we use single-use supplies like gloves and ink caps. Our tattoo artists wear personal protective equipment for added safety. We also educate clients on proper aftercare procedures to promote healing. Your safety is our top concern, and we strive to provide a hygienic and professional environment. Trust us for a clean and enjoyable tattoo experience.

Hygienic excellence, exceptional tattooing experience

At our tattoo studio, we prioritize hygiene and cleanliness to ensure a safe tattooing experience. Your safety is our top concern, and we strive to provide a hygienic and professional environment. Trust us for a clean and enjoyable tattoo experience.

Transformative tattoo experience at Arun Mehndi Arts & Classes

Experience the transformative art of tattooing at Arun Mehndi Arts & Classes. Our skilled artists are passionate about creating meaningful designs that reflect your unique story. With Precise attention to detail and a commitment to artistic excellence, we bring your vision to life. From detailed designs to powerful expressions, our studio is committed to delivering exceptional tattoo artistry. Step into a world of self-expression, where creativity and professionalism merge to deliver unforgettable tattoo experiences.

Jaw-dropping tattoos that captivate the senses

Experience the awe-inspiring artistry of our jaw-dropping tattoos that ignite the senses and leave a lasting impression. At our tattoo studio, skilled artists blend innovation and Precise detail to create striking and unique designs. With a deep understanding of personal expression, we transform your ideas into extraordinary body art. Transform your skin into a captivating canvas where tattoos stir emotions and make a powerful impact

Beyond being tattoo artists, we are storytellers, crafting each tattoo as a unique narrative conveyed through the art of ink.

Let us craft your story with a custom design that embodies your values and beliefs.

Exceptional tattoo artists at your service.

Discover the extraordinary talent of our exceptional tattoo artists, ready to bring your artistic vision to life. With their Flawless skills and years of experience, our artists are dedicated to creating unique and stunning tattoos that surpass your expectations. We take pride in creating intricate designs that showcase our exceptional artistry, delivering timeless tattoo experiences. Trust our team to provide a professional and personalized experience, ensuring that your tattoo is a true work of art.

Whether you desire a masterpiece or a simple design, our team of award-winning artists will ensure it’s the finest.

Religious Tattoos:

Religious tattoos encompass a wide range of designs from various faiths and beliefs. They can feature symbols, scriptures, or figures associated with different religions, allowing individuals to express their devotion and spirituality.

Travel-Themed Tattoos:

Express your love for exploring the world with our themed tattoos. They can feature symbols like maps, compasses, airplanes, landmarks, or quotes, let your skin tell your travel stories.

Beautiful Couple Tattoos:

Beautiful couple tattoos are designed to be shared by couples, symbolizing their love, commitment, and connection. These tattoos often feature complementary designs, matching elements, or symbols that hold significance for the couple.

Cover-up Tattoos:

Cover-up tattoos are specifically created to conceal or transform existing tattoos. Skilled artists use innovative designs and techniques to effectively cover up unwanted tattoos, creating a fresh new piece of art.

Calligraphy Tattoos:

Calligraphy tattoos showcase elegant and decorative writing styles. They can incorporate meaningful words, phrases, or quotes, using intricate lettering and flowing scripts to create visually appealing designs.

Full Back/Sleeve Tattoos:

Full back or sleeve tattoos cover larger areas of the body, allowing for elaborate and detailed designs that span from the shoulders to the waist or from the shoulder to the wrist. These tattoos provide ample space for artistic expression and storytelling.

Double Exposure Tattoos:

Double exposure tattoos combine elements of photography and illustration. They create a unique effect by overlaying multiple images or patterns, resulting in a visually captivating and artistic tattoo design.

Each tattoo service offers a distinct style, theme, or artistic approach, providing individuals with a wide range of options to express their personal taste, beliefs, and individuality through body art.

Small Tattoos/Cute Tattoos:

Small tattoos are minimalistic and compact designs that often carry personal meaning. They can be cute, playful, or delicate, providing a fine and charming aesthetic.

Water color Tattoos

  Water color tattoos mimic the appearance of watercolor paintings. They employ vibrant colors, fluid brushstrokes, and blending techniques to create soft, dreamy, and artistic designs on the skin.

3D Realistic Tattoos


3D realistic tattoos utilize shading, depth, and intricate details to create lifelike images on the skin. They give the illusion of three-dimensionality, making the tattoo appear as if it’s popping out of the skin.

Colour Full Tattoo

Step into a world of vibrant self-expression with our Colorful Tattoo service. Our talented artists specialize in creating eye-catching designs that are filled with a wide range of vivid colors. Whether you desire a bold and energetic sleeve or a smaller, intricate design, we are here to bring your imagination to life with a splash of vibrant hues. Let your personality shine through with a colorful tattoo that is as unique as you are.

Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos portray various animals, representing their characteristics, symbolism, or personal significance to the wearer. They can range from realistic animal portraits to stylized or abstract interpretations.

Lord Shiva Tattoos

These tattoos draw inspiration from Lord Shiva, a revered deity in Hindu culture, adored by followers worldwide.They feature artistic representations of Lord Shiva’s iconic symbols, such as the Trishul (trident) or the Nataraja (the cosmic dancer).

Buddha Tattoos

Buddha tattoos are inspired by the teachings and imagery associated with Buddhism. These tattoos often feature serene and meditative depictions of Buddha, symbolizing peace, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.

Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos focus on precise lines, shapes, and patterns to create visually striking designs. They often incorporate symmetrical elements, such as triangles, circles, or intricate geometric formations.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos carry a deep cultural significance, symbolizing strength, heritage, and personal identity. Our talented artists specialize in crafting intricate tribal designs that capture the essence of this ancient art form. With precise attention to detail and a commitment to creating unique, meaningful pieces, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-expression and embrace the timeless beauty of tribal tattoos with us.

Maori Tattoo

Maori tattoos, also called “ta moko,” are traditional tattoos of the Maori people from New Zealand. These tattoos are rich in cultural significance and are used to tell stories about their heritage and spirituality. Maori tattoos are known for their intricate designs and symbolic patterns, which represent the wearer’s connection to their ancestors and their unique identity.

Nail Art

Nail art is a form of self-expression that can enhance the beauty of your hands and feet. You may get the ideal look for any event with the help of our nail art services, which provide a wide range of design options. Whether you want a straightforward French manicure or a more intricate design, we can assist you in making the ideal nails for you.

Our Services

  • Cut file:-150
  • Cut file and polish:-250
  • Gel polish:- 699
  • Glitter polish:-899
  • French gel polish:-1299
  • Chrome polish:-999
  • Stick on nails:-1399
  • Acrylic Extension:-1999
  • Gel extension:- 2499
  • Polygel Extension:-2899
  • Art:-150 onwards 
  • Gel removal:-350
  • Extension removal:-699
  • Stone work:-200 onwards 
  • Inbuild work ombré:-3999
  • Ombré nails gel:-1699
  • Glitter:-100 per finger full
  • Glitter:-50 per finger half 

Our Artists: Our nail artists are highly trained, experienced, and driven to produce stunning nails. To design the ideal nails for you to understand your vision and create the perfect nails for you.

Contact Us: To book an appointment or learn more about our services, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!


Learn the latest techniques and trends in nail art with our comprehensive course. From basic manicures to advanced designs, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to become a professional nail artist.


Nail art is a fun and creative way to express yourself. With a little practice, you can create beautiful and unique nail designs that will turn heads. This course will teach you the basics of nail art, so you can start creating your designs at home.

Course Modules: 

  • Nail prep-(cut, file, buff)
  • Gel Polish Application 
  • Glitter Polish Apply
  • Acrylic Nail Extension
  • Gel Polish Removal 
  • Extension removal


Duration:  5 Days

Certification: All course certificates will be provided after successful completion of the course.


If you’re already familiar with the basics of nail art and you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, then this advanced nail art course is for you. In this course, you’ll learn a variety of advanced techniques, including

Course Modules:

  • Nail Prep-(Cut, File, Buff)
  • Gel Polish Application
  • Glitter Polish Apply
  • Acrylic Nail Extension
  • Gel Extension
  • In Build
  • Gel Polish Removal
  • Extension Removal
  • Dotting Nail Art
  • Flower Nail Art 
  • Falling Glitter Art
  • Ombre Extension
  • Marble Nail Art
  • Foil Art
  • Swrl Art
  • Animal Art
  • Sticker Art
  • French Art
  • Cat Eye Art
  • 3d Art
  • Stick On Nails
  • Polygel Extension


Duration: 14 Days

Certification: All course certificates will be provided after successful completion of the course.

If you’re interested in learning how to do nail art, then this course is for you. With this course, you’ll learn the basics of nail art, as well as some more advanced techniques. You’ll also learn how to choose the right tools and products for nail art and care for your nails after nail art. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start learning!

Call to Action: Sign up for this course today and learn how to do beautiful nail art!

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